About Keimei Gakuen International Education

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Keimei Gakuen’s mission is to give support to the growth of every child’s unique individual language abilities.  Our system, the multilingual support system (known as: International Class), provides our students with the tools they need to succeed.

We call these students “international students,” people with international experience, people born abroad, as well as students from international schools in Japan.



Characteristics of International Class

Point 1: Students coming from overseas may gain admittance at any time.

Point 2: International and domestic students share homeroom with each other.

Point 3: To assist in the progression of Japanese language ability, students may take separate classes in Japanese, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Point 4: For English classes, guidance can be received based on Western education systems.

(Domestic, International, and those students wishing to take special English classes are eligible to enter)

Point 5: In French, German, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and other world languages, junior and senior high school students may receive support.

Point 6: Japanese as a Second Language class is given for exchange students and others who require such support.

Point 7: Individual student schedules are given for the variety of classes available.



Four Types of International Classes

We have developed four different international classes.  All international students, to satisfy their needs, may take classes appropriate to their level.


  1. International English Class
    At the elementary level, students take class twice a week, learning directly from native-English speaking teachers.

    At the junior and senior high levels, students may be members of the following classes:
    ○International English Honors Class
    ○International English Regular Class
    Honors class for native or near-native level students and Regular class for those still developing their abilities are taught by native-English teachers using texts and materials from abroad.  In addition, domestic students may also aspire and reach the International Class level.

    ○International English S-class
    For international students coming from non-English-speaking countries, a special course has been designed to get them up to speed with their peers.

    ○Domestic students are separated based on their level into A, B, and C classes.

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  1. Additional Foreign Language Classes (junior and senior high only)
    In order to maintain languages learned abroad, students may take classes in a selection of languages.  The 2014 school year provided the following languages:  German, French, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish.
  1. Support for Japanese, Math, Science, and Social Studies
    In regards to students who have not studied the above subjects in Japanese, additional support is given.  At the elementary level, students are given help in Japanese and Math.
  1. Japanese Course (JSL: Japanese as a Second Language)
    This course is designed for students who have never studied Japanese, those who have lived abroad for a number of years, and exchange students.  Teachers specializing in the subject focus on individual student needs to build Japanese ability in the students.



High School Elective Courses

High school second and third graders may choose from foreign languages such as French, Chinese, and Korean.  International students may also choose courses taught by native English teachers.  Most recently, Drama, Media Studies, and Asian Studies courses have been offered.  Additional support geared towards university entrance and exams have also been established.



Study Abroad and Home-stay Programs

Junior and Senior high students may take a two-week summer program that features home-stays and learning.  Always popular, these programs allow students to experience foreign culture and work on their communication skills.

High school students have opportunities to apply for year-long study abroad programs in the United States, Ireland, and Australia.