Chittagong Grammar School Virtual Youth Conclave 2020を振り返って


8月6日(木)~9日(日)に、「Fearless Future Forward 」(恐れなく未来に進む)をテーマに、バングラデシュのラウンドスクエア校・Chittagong Grammar School主催のオンラインによる協働学習(Chittagong Grammar School Virtual Youth Conclave 2020)が行われました。参加した生徒2名の「振り返り」を通した感想を紹介します。


The whole event was a new and sensational experience. It was a flawless and well-planned event making it a smooth experience for anyone. Listening to three young overachievers and presenting in front of 200 was unusually fun but virtual teamwork was the real challenge.
Unlike real face to face interaction, it was hard to organize opinions with all the delays we where hearing. If I heard silence and thought "this is the time to talk" someone els also talked at the same time and that kept consuming our time. Not just the delay but I realized that seeing someone's face also helped determine things like if the person is on board with it or if they approve of an idea or not. These things made not just me but everyone to adapt and learned some important skills. One of the important skills was to keep calm more than usual and shorten the argument time as much as possible.
It was an unusual experience which you would not be able to experience under normal circumstance.

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