Over seventy years ago,
the founder of KEIMEI GAKUEN, Takasumi Mitsui, returned to Japan
from England just before WW2.
There were no schools in Japan that accepted returning international students
who wanted to broaden their knowledge and language skills acquired abroad.

In April, 1940, Takasumi decided to open up his own house in Minato ward,
Tokyo to start KEIMEI GAKUEN with thirteen teachers and eight students.
Today KEIMEI GAKUEN has over six hundred students
who are eager to be leaders in ever growing global community.

Over thirty percent of the students have lived abroad and
each one of them contributes to make up diverse and dynamic learning environments
which represent today’s global world.


School Values

This is based on the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew Chapter 5.

School Mission

Keimei Gakuen is committed to educate and instruct students to widen their global views,enrich their characters and develop independent perspectives needed in challenging global communities.

School Vision

Keimei Gakuen offers opportunities for students to reach their full potential to be honest, pure, unselfish and loving individuals who have wide global understanding and responsibilities.

To achieve our School Vision, KEIMEI GAKUEN students will:

  • ・Learn who they are and how to live their lives through the life of Jesus Christ
  • ・Respect each other as a member of our global community
  • ・Become creative thinkers through real life experiences
  • ・Display respectful manners in diverse settings

Quick Overview

Keimei Gakuen is a Christian based co-educational school, grades PreK-12, of higher learning.
KEIMEI GAKUEN is located about thirty miles from down town Tokyo.
The campus overlooks a beautiful view of the Tama River.
(Easy access by trains and School Bus services from JR Haijima station and JR Hachioji station.)

School year: Trimester System, April – March

  1. 1. Accept Application for Returning International Students All Year Around
  2. 2. Student Population: Over 30% of the Junior & Senior High School are international students who have lived abroad or foreign students;
    they represent 50 different countries.
  3. 3. Individualized Instruction for returning international students is offered.
  4. 4. Japanese (JSL -Japanese as a Second Language -included), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies
  5. 5. Advanced courses in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.
  6. 6. Focus on instruction: College preparation
  7. 7. Over 95% of graduating students attend universities or colleges.
  8. 8. Keimei graduates are accepted by national, public, and private universities, including Keio Univ., Waseda Univ., International Christian Univ., Sophia Univ., Chuo Univ., and many other universities and colleges in Japan and foreign countries.

For More Information & Application

The International Education Center
5-11-15 Haijima-cho, Akishima-shi, Tokyo 196-0002
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